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abennett96 Oct 23, 2011

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abennett96 Oct 22, 2011

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abennett96 Oct 21, 2011
The Future of Eva's Roompic

The Future of Eva's Room

Photo-A-Day #2275 Eva hanging out in her future room. I set down the Monkeybed blanket on the floor so she could play with the iPad while…
abennett96 Jul 01, 2011
Taking Time for Turtlespic

Taking Time for Turtles

Photo-A-Day #2274 I probably could have reached out and grabbed this turtle but his two friends took off so quickly. More at http://www.benspark.com/taking-time-for-turtles.html
abennett96 Jun 30, 2011
Summer Swingpic

Summer Swing

Photo-A-Day #2273 Eva enjoying the Porch Swing at the new house with Grandfather and Memere. More at http://www.benspark.com/summer-swing.html
abennett96 Jun 29, 2011
Night Bellspic

Night Bells

Photo-A-Day #2272 Took this photo a little too late in the day so it is really, very dark. More at http://www.benspark.com/night-bells.html
abennett96 Jun 28, 2011

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abennett96 Jun 27, 2011
Kitchen Island Conversationspic

Kitchen Island Conversations

Photo-A-Day #2268 One of the flowers in the new yard. I don't know what kind it is, of course (I should label them all when I…
abennett96 Jun 24, 2011
Picking Paint and Cleaning the Garagepic

Picking Paint and Cleaning the Garage

Photo-A-Day #2267 Here is the garage after I cleaned it all up. I took the cabinets off the wall and swept and cleaned the whole garage…
abennett96 Jun 23, 2011

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abennett96 Jun 22, 2011

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abennett96 Jun 20, 2011
Getting Excited for Dark of the Moonpic

Getting Excited for Dark of the Moon

Photo-A-Day #2262 A couple of Human Alliance Autobots and their human partners. I am really enjoying this series of toys from the new movie. More at…
abennett96 Jun 19, 2011
My Early Father's Daypic

My Early Father's Day

Photo-A-Day #2261 A Clownfish poking out at the Mystic Aquarium. More at http://www.benspark.com/my-early-fathers-day.html
abennett96 Jun 17, 2011
Eva and Allison meet Junopic

Eva and Allison meet Juno

Photo-A-Day #2260 We spent the late afternoon at Mystic Aquarium where Allison and Eva got to meet Juno and Kela the Beluga whales at the aquarium…
abennett96 Jun 16, 2011
Pink Flower Kickpic

Pink Flower Kick

Photo-A-Day #2259 Last month it was purple flowers and this month it seems like I'm after pink flowers. More at http://www.benspark.com/pink-flower-kick.html
abennett96 Jun 15, 2011
Birthday Party for Grandfatherpic

Birthday Party for Grandfather

Photo-A-Day #2258 Eva with her Grandfather after his birthday dinner. More at http://www.benspark.com/birthday-party-for-grandfather.html
abennett96 Jun 14, 2011

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abennett96 Jun 13, 2011
Lilies and Raindropspic

Lilies and Raindrops

I love shooting flowers with raindrops on them. I did very little today except take this photo and attempt to sleep. More at http://www.benspark.com/lilies-and-raindrops.html
abennett96 Jun 12, 2011

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abennett96 Jun 11, 2011
On Simple Tidespic

On Simple Tides

Photo-A-Day #2252 Enjoying a calm pond paddle in my kayak. I loved lots of Lily pads and their flowers. I tried taking photos of the flowers…
abennett96 Jun 08, 2011
Batman and Butterfliespic

Batman and Butterflies

Photo-A-Day #2251 I took Eva to the comic book store a few weeks ago and she was really interested in Batman. She asked me to tell…
abennett96 Jun 07, 2011

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abennett96 Jun 06, 2011
Eva's First Recitalpic

Eva's First Recital

Photo-A-Day #2248 Eva and her cousin Amanda Mae during the finale of their first recital. The girls were adorable. More at http://www.benspark.com/evas-first-recital.html
abennett96 Jun 05, 2011
Eva's 1st Dress Rehearsalpic

Eva's 1st Dress Rehearsal

Photo-A-Day #2247 Eva had her first dress rehearsal for a recital today. I snapped this on the front lawn before she headed off to the rehearsal…
abennett96 Jun 04, 2011
Spinning Whimsypic

Spinning Whimsy

Photo-A-Day #2246 Eva spinning around trying to catch bubbles in the front yard. More at http://www.benspark.com/spinning-whimsy.html
abennett96 Jun 02, 2011
My Fishing Buddypic

My Fishing Buddy

Photo-A-Day #2245 I take Eva out for her first fishing trip. She had fun once we started catching things but I truly appreciate the patience that…
abennett96 Jun 01, 2011
But I Love to Fishpic

But I Love to Fish

Photo-A-Day #2244 I was able to get up really close to this little turtle sunning himself on a rock. Paddling and fishing go together so well…
abennett96 May 31, 2011

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abennett96 May 30, 2011
I'm Sensing a Themepic

I'm Sensing a Theme

Photo-A-Day #2241 I'm looking at all of my photo-a-day photos in a giant set and I see three that all have a similar look, purple flowers…
abennett96 May 28, 2011
Enjoying the Timepic

Enjoying the Time

Photo-A-Day #2240 I am really enjoying being able to be home more often. More at http://www.benspark.com/enjoying-the-time.html
abennett96 May 27, 2011
Some Serious Eats Cookie Stuffed Cookiespic

Some Serious Eats Cookie Stuffed Cookies

Photo-A-Day #2239 I made some cookie stuffed cookies today. Got the idea from a site called Serious Eats. More at http://www.benspark.com/some-serious-eats-cookie-stuffed-cookies.html
abennett96 May 26, 2011
Lazy Days and Picnics are Hard Workpic

Lazy Days and Picnics are Hard Work

Photo-A-Day #2238 Getting Everything ready to go on a little outing with Eva takes some big time planning, even when done at the last minute. But…
abennett96 May 25, 2011
Soon to Bloom Irisespic

Soon to Bloom Irises

Photo-A-Day #2237 We'll soon have some beautiful Irises blooming around the house. More at http://www.benspark.com/soon-to-bloom-irises.html
abennett96 May 24, 2011

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abennett96 May 23, 2011
I Think I Met My Matchpic

I Think I Met My Match

Photo-A-Day #2234 This guy's desk has more eclectic crap on it than I could ever hope. More at http://www.benspark.com/i-think-i-met-my-match.html
abennett96 May 22, 2011

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abennett96 May 20, 2011
Sad and Lonely Tulippic

Sad and Lonely Tulip

Photo-A-Day #2231 A sad and lonely tulip in the rain. More at http://www.benspark.com/sad-and-lonely-tulip.html
abennett96 May 18, 2011
Playing LEGO Creationary on a Rainy Daypic

Playing LEGO Creationary on a Rainy Day

Photo-A-Day #2230 Allison, Eva and I played Creationary together as a family. I picked it up from Walmart this morning and it was a really fun…
abennett96 May 17, 2011
Little Dancing Princesspic

Little Dancing Princess

Photo-A-Day #2229 Today was photo day for Eva at Dance School. Eva will be in her first ever recital in June. Today she got all dressed…
abennett96 May 16, 2011
Eva's Debut at Southern New England Media Makerspic

Eva's Debut at Southern New England Media Makers

Photo-A-Day #2228 Eva in a moment of silliness at SNEMM. She had a nice time telling everyone about her favorite iPad app, Ansel & Clair's Adventures…
abennett96 May 15, 2011
We're Not On Not Wisteria Lanepic

We're Not On Not Wisteria Lane

Photo-A-Day #2227 Wisteria is blooming like crazy all over our porch. Soon, very soon it will be time to cut it back. More at http://www.benspark.com/were-not-on-not-wisteria-lane.html
abennett96 May 14, 2011
National Daddy Daughter Tea Date is Tomorrowpic

National Daddy Daughter Tea Date is Tomorrow

Photo-A-Day #2226 Tomorrow is National Daddy Daughter Tea Date Day. I'm going to be exhausted from work to do that so we went today. We went…
abennett96 May 13, 2011
Dandelion in Focuspic

Dandelion in Focus

Photo-A-Day #2225 The Dandelions are all over the place now and some are puffballs and other are little yellow flowers. I took my camera and close…
abennett96 May 12, 2011
New Leaves and Water Dropletspic

New Leaves and Water Droplets

Photo-A-Day #2224 A Macro shot of water droplets on new sprouts on a bush in the yard. It rained a little and I liked how the…
abennett96 May 11, 2011
Tell Me Tuesday 5pic

Tell Me Tuesday #5

Photo-A-Day #2223 I missed a week there for Tell Me Tuesday but it is back. This is probably an easy one but I'd love it if…
abennett96 May 10, 2011

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abennett96 May 09, 2011
Hanging with the Cool Kidspic

Hanging with the Cool Kids

Photo-A-Day #2218 Eva and Allison hanging out at House of Fortune. More at http://www.benspark.com/hanging-with-the-cool-kids.html
abennett96 May 05, 2011
Rain Drops on Petalspic

Rain Drops on Petals

Photo-A-Day #2217 After the rain today there was a break long enough for me to get outside and take some shots of the tulips. More at…
abennett96 May 04, 2011
Holy Moley Molepic

Holy Moley Mole

Photo-A-Day #2216 Eva and Auntie Tara found this mole out in the yard. More at http://www.benspark.com/holy-moley-mole.html
abennett96 May 03, 2011
Day 1 as a Part Time Stay At Home Dadpic

Day 1 as a Part Time Stay At Home Dad

Photo-A-Day #2215 The flowers of a tree that hangs over our fence. It seems to have grown like crazy in the past year. I do love…
abennett96 May 02, 2011
Sunday Dreamspic

Sunday Dreams

Photo-A-Day #2214 Some flowers from the tree out front. I walked all around to find some of the better looking flowers. More at http://www.benspark.com/sunday-dreams.html
abennett96 May 01, 2011


Photo-A-Day #2213 Eva sits in quiet contemplation as she looks across the way into North Attleboro, Mansfield and Plainville. More at http://www.benspark.com/contemplation.html
abennett96 Apr 30, 2011
The First Avenger: Captain Americapic

The First Avenger: Captain America

Photo-A-Day #2212 This is a Captain America Squinkie. It sits on my desk. More at http://www.benspark.com/the-first-avenger-captain-america.html
abennett96 Apr 29, 2011
Getting Down with Johnny Jump Upspic

Getting Down with Johnny Jump Ups

Photo-A-Day #2210 I took this one with my zeikos close up lens filters. More at http://www.benspark.com/getting-down-with-johnny-jump-ups.html
abennett96 Apr 27, 2011
Tell Me Tuesday 4pic

Tell Me Tuesday #4

Photo-A-Day #2209 This week's Tell Me Tuesday is a common product that we all use daily, or at least you do if you are reading this…
abennett96 Apr 26, 2011
It Finally Feels Like Springpic

It Finally Feels Like Spring

Photo-A-Day #2208 Some little flowers that Eva picked for Allison. More at http://www.benspark.com/it-finally-feels-like-spring.html
abennett96 Apr 25, 2011
Happy Easter 2011pic

Happy Easter 2011

Photo-A-Day #2207 Many flowers in the yard have blossomed recently. Actually many of them popped open today. This one was pretty unusual looking and I loved…
abennett96 Apr 24, 2011
Some Indoor Gardening with Dora the Explorerpic

Some Indoor Gardening with Dora the Explorer

Photo-A-Day #2206 Eva play with her Mega Bloks Dora's Garden Gazebo. I gave her this as part of a review that I am doing for Team…
abennett96 Apr 23, 2011
That Knowing Smirkpic

That Knowing Smirk

Photo-A-Day #2205 Eva is enjoying some pizza and being her cute little self. More at http://www.benspark.com/that-knowing-smirk.html
abennett96 Apr 22, 2011
Disclosures and Dinnerpic

Disclosures and Dinner

Photo-A-Day #2203 Had a nice dinner with our friends Meghan and Russ. Also learned about how much debt we are about to voluntarily incur. More at…
abennett96 Apr 20, 2011
Tell Me Tuesday 3pic

Tell Me Tuesday #3

Photo-A-Day #2202 Start the Guessing. Eva gave me this. Leave your Guess at http://www.benspark.com/tell-me-tuesday-3.html
abennett96 Apr 19, 2011

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abennett96 Apr 18, 2011

Abennett96's Photo Stream

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abennett96 Apr 15, 2011
Barefoot at the Early Learning Centerpic

Barefoot at the Early Learning Center

Photo-A-Day #2196 Allison with part of the setup at the Early Learning Center Parent's Night. She had a really good night selling the books and raising…
abennett96 Apr 14, 2011
Popping Daffodilspic

Popping Daffodils

Photo-A-Day #2194 Eva's all excited about the Daffodils (or rather dandelions as she calls them) are now opening. More at http://www.benspark.com/popping-daffodils.html
abennett96 Apr 11, 2011
Let?s Go Adventuring Pete!pic

Let?s Go Adventuring Pete!

Photo-A-Day #2193 Eva is all decked out in her Backyard Safari Outfitters gear. Her vest and utility belt and even a personal field journal (her own…
abennett96 Apr 10, 2011
Is there a Dinosaur behind me?pic

Is there a Dinosaur behind me?

Photo-A-Day #2192 (Year 7 Day 1) Eva meets Cliff at the Museum of Science! More at http://www.benspark.com/a-happy-37th-birthday-to-me.html
abennett96 Apr 09, 2011
Bang, Bang, Pizza, Pizzapic

Bang, Bang, Pizza, Pizza

Photo-A-Day #2191 We had a fun dinner at Uno. Eva made us laugh so hard with her antics. More at http://www.benspark.com/bang-bang-pizza-pizza.html
abennett96 Apr 08, 2011
Five Simple Rules for Happinesspic

Five Simple Rules for Happiness

Photo-A-Day #2190 Sometimes we all just need a reminder of what is important. More at http://www.benspark.com/five-simple-rules.html
abennett96 Apr 07, 2011
Birthday Burger at Patriot Placepic

Birthday Burger at Patriot Place

Photo-A-Day #2189 The View of Gillette Stadium. Allison and I went there with her friend Shawn and his girlfriend Mel and her daughter. I figured this…
abennett96 Apr 06, 2011
What is it Tuesday? 1pic

What is it Tuesday? #1

Photo-A-Day #2188 I guess I should have done this on a Wednesday for the alliteration factor. I think that once in a while I'll take a…
abennett96 Apr 05, 2011
Barefoot Books Are Inpic

Barefoot Books Are In

Photo-A-Day #2187 We received a ton of barefoot books today. Allison is excited about organizing them all and getting ready for an upcoming event. More at…
abennett96 Apr 04, 2011
Circling Around with some Bubblespic

Circling Around with some Bubbles

Photo--A-Day #2186 Eva having a wonderful time spinning around and letting the momentum blow bubbles for her. More at http://www.benspark.com/circling-w-bubbles.html
abennett96 Apr 03, 2011
Two in a Tent Having Funpic

Two in a Tent Having Fun

Photo-A-Day #2185 Eva and her friend playing in her double tents. They are connected by a tunnel. More at http://www.benspark.com/two-in-a-tent-having-fun.html
abennett96 Apr 02, 2011
Camera Standoff over Year 7pic

Camera Standoff over Year 7

Photo-A-Day #2184 My cameras have had it. They have been bickering and squabbling for months and today they decided to have a Royal Rumble for ultimate…
abennett96 Apr 01, 2011
Here Comes the Smolderpic

Here Comes the Smolder

Photo-A-Day #2183 Taking a shot of one of my Transformers Power Core Combiners, Smolder. I flipped the regular head to the combiner head because I liked…
abennett96 Mar 31, 2011

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abennett96 Mar 30, 2011
Capron Park Zoo's Red-crested Cardinalpic

Capron Park Zoo's Red­-crested Cardinal

Photo-A-Day #2180 We went for a trip to the Zoo today. The Red-Crested Cardinal was in the rainforest exhibit. More at http://www.benspark.com/capron-park-zoos-red%c2%ad-crested-cardinal.html
abennett96 Mar 28, 2011


Photo-A-Day #2179 Eva has taken to the expression, "You're frustrating me!" More at http://www.benspark.com/dadda.html
abennett96 Mar 27, 2011

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abennett96 Mar 26, 2011
Try A Pinhole Lens for that 70's Lookpic

Try A Pinhole Lens for that 70's Look

Photo-A-Day #2176 Using a pinhole body cap on my Nikon D80 proves to be a little revealing, of the dust on my sensor. More at http://www.benspark.com/that-70s-look.html
abennett96 Mar 24, 2011

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abennett96 Mar 23, 2011
I Blame Mopic

I Blame Mo

Photo-A-Day #2173 There is snow on the ground the day after the 1st day of Spring. Fun. More at http://www.benspark.com/i-blame-mo.html
abennett96 Mar 21, 2011
Ultra Macro - I Think I Pushed as Far as it is Goingpic

Ultra Macro - I Think I Pushed as Far as it is Going

Photo-A-Day #2172 An Ultra Macro shot of the inside of a Crocus. I strung together 3 extension tubes, 4 close up lenses and a macro lens…
abennett96 Mar 20, 2011
Bubbly Afternoon Thanks to Little Kids Inc.pic

Bubbly Afternoon Thanks to Little Kids Inc.

Photo-A-Day #2171 Eva is taking a big swing with a Junk Ball Glow in the Dark Bat. We also played with bubbles and more. Thanks so…
abennett96 Mar 19, 2011
More Fun with Macropic

More Fun with Macro

Photo-A-Day #2170 This is a macro shot of a glass angel that Allison has. It is lit with a Sima Light and the color reflected in…
abennett96 Mar 18, 2011
Happy Saint Patrick's Day 2011!pic

Happy Saint Patrick's Day 2011!

Photo-A-Day #2169 Made a great corned beef and had a wonderful time with our friends. Happy Saint Patrick's Day. More at http://www.benspark.com/happy-saint-patricks-day-2011.html
abennett96 Mar 17, 2011

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abennett96 Mar 16, 2011
Extreme Macro for Under 40pic

Extreme Macro for Under $40

Photo-A-Day #2166 I connected my new 10+ close up filter to my Sigma 28-70mm lens and then the 52mm adapter so I could also attach my…
abennett96 Mar 14, 2011
All that Glitterspic

All that Glitters

Photo-A-Day #2165 I took a bunch of Mardis Gras beads and shot them using my new Macro filters. They are +1, +2, +4 and +10 filters…
abennett96 Mar 13, 2011

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abennett96 Mar 12, 2011
Red Robin Man Date Reduxpic

Red Robin "Man Date" Redux

Photo-A-Day #2162 Me and my friend Mike have a great dinner at Red Robin and then we take in the movie Hall Pass on our "Man…
abennett96 Mar 11, 2011
Macro Celtic Designpic

Macro Celtic Design

Photo-A-Day #2161 We have this photo of Allison and I in Ireland in a small Celtic design frame. I took my Kodak PlayTouch and my magnetic…
abennett96 Mar 09, 2011


Photo-A-Day #2160 Playing with the features of the MyTouch 4G. It has a front facing camera on it and lots of funny filters. More at http://www.benspark.com/rawwwr.html
abennett96 Mar 08, 2011
My Camera Bag Pukedpic

My Camera Bag Puked

Photo-A-Day #2159 I pulled together all of the items that I'd be using this month on my gadget-tastic month of Photo-A-Day. I count 4 lenses, 4…
abennett96 Mar 07, 2011
Spring is on the Waypic

Spring is on the Way

Photo-A-Day #2158 I shot this with my Opteka HD2 High Definition Macro/Wide Angle Lens. This is one of the flowers that is in our garage ready…
abennett96 Mar 06, 2011
Friendship is Magicpic

Friendship is Magic

Photo-A-Day #2157 One of Eva's favorite My Little Pony figures, Princess Celestia shot with the Opteka High Definition Macro/Wide Angle Lens adapter that I added to…
abennett96 Mar 05, 2011
Documenting In My Journalpic

Documenting In My Journal

Photo-A-Day #2156 Eva was watching Tinkerbell and the Great Fairy Rescue. In that movie Tinkerbell meets a human girl named Lizzie. Lizzie documents all about the…
abennett96 Mar 04, 2011
It Lives!pic

It Lives!

Photo-A-Day #2155 For the first time in about three months I see that my kayak is still here. It has been covered in over four feet…
abennett96 Mar 03, 2011

Blogging Like a RockStar at CollegeFest 2007

I am blogging and broadcasting live from CollegeFest 2007 in Boston MA with a team from PayPerPost. You can check out the live stream throughout the day…
abennett96 Sep 23, 2007

Super Bowl Bound...

Hi,I am in a competition to be sent to LA to be in a Super Bowl commercial. Yep, me, you know that guy who ran water…
abennett96 Aug 15, 2007

Flatwater Bookstore

My second blog
abennett96 Dec 19, 2006

The BenSpark

My Blog, check it out.
abennett96 Dec 01, 2006


A site that pays you to post on your blog. Contact me and I'll send you referral information.
abennett96 Dec 01, 2006

The BenSpark aStore

My Amazon store. Things I know you'll like.
abennett96 Dec 01, 2006
abennett96 Dec 23, 2005

Guest Photo-A-Day

Allison and I are going on our honeymoon from November 14-22, 2005 and I will not be taking the laptop or the means to post images…
abennett96 Nov 03, 2005

Harley-Davidson Pins

Okay so now all of my Harley-Davidson pins are now photographed and online. I have even included a link to each of the shop's web…
abennett96 Aug 24, 2005

New Feature

This is the new Journal feature of Buzznet. Looking forward to all the cool things that Buzznet will be adding. This is just but one…
abennett96 Jul 11, 2005
abennett96 Jul 08, 2005
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